Pen to Paper


The recent revival of analogue skills has injected immeasurable visual wealth into the world of illustration, fine art and especially character design.

Artists reject the computer and channel their creativity through spontaneous freehand drawing to create untamed, edgy and exceptional beings.

All that seems left of our beloved cartoon faces, familiar consumer mascots and pop icon characters is a distorted, far away echo.

Pictoplasma proudly presents a series of exhibitions, featuring original work by the key players of what is being labelled “DIY art” “fractured figuration” or “new psychedelic folk”.

Pen to Paper showcases works by Shoboshobo (FR), Allyson Mellberg Taylor (US), Seth Scriver (CA), Andrew James Jones (UK), John Casey (US), Luke Ramsey (CA), Eric Shaw (US), Thomas Bernard (FR), Lane Hagood (US), Joey Haley (CA), Kerozen (FR), Ian Stevenson (UK), Arnaud Loumeau (FR), Fia Cielen (BE), Frédéric Fleury (FR), Matt Lock (US), Ola Vasiljeva (NL), and Yu Matsuoka (JP/FR).

March 25 – April 23

Concrete Hermit

5A Club Row

Shadwell, London E1 6JX


Mon- Sat 10-18h

April 8 – April 24

artSPACE berlin

Linienstrasse 109

10115 Berlin


Tue-Sat 13-18h

May 1 – May 26

Galerie LJ

12 rue Commines

75003 Paris


Tue-Sat 11-19h

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